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Ashcraft's Cardio Kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do Studios is San Antonio's leading Martial Arts Studio led by Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame Chief Instructor, Steve Ashcraft. For over 45 years, we have given children and adults the training they need to improve self-discipline, self-esteem, self-confidence, and the ability to protect their self.

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Jeannette H. - 5.0 star rating

Steve is awesome!! He takes time to explain the history and you can see his love of the art come through.

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James T. ยท 5.0 star rating June 14, 2017

Finally got out of the "Boutique" style work out club and got back to a real gym. Exactly where I started 10 years ago. Looking to train, learn, and work out? This is the place. Looking to watch TV and play on your cell phone....? Stay where your at

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Becca M. - 5.0 star rating 7/13/2017

The owner is as nice as they come and runs a great program! This is my first exposure to Tae Kwan Do school and I was super impressed. If you live in the area-I would recommend this place.

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Fernando H. - 5.0 star rating 8/8/2017

First wrote a review about Achcrafts Martial Arts two years ago and our views of this place have not changed. It has been one of the best decisions me and my wife have ever made in enrolling ourselves and our two boys.I myself had been through four surgeries and four rounds of chemo so I wasn't able to move much and had very little energy. Mr.Ashcraft pushes a person to do great things in our dojo, so I am now able to move with ease and hang in there as if I never had any health issues.

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Suzette S. - 5.0 star rating 1/5/2017

First I signed my girls up for Tae Kwon Do, loved the confidence and self esteem it was bring out in them. Self defense was a bonus. I decided to sign up for kick boxing, what a great workout its turned out to be. Its fun and also a perfect tool for self defense. I highly recommend Ashcraft's!!

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Michelle M. - 4.0 star rating 2/27/2016

I love my cardio kickboxing workouts! No matter what fitness level you're at, Steve will make tweaks to the 2-minute interval circuit training and build up your stamina towards completing the punches and kicks at the end. Also, you can come and go as needed. Steve offers four 1-hour sessions at the top of the hour on M/W/F in the AM/PM and on Saturday mornings. It's not a pretty, boutique gym; it's a functional, practical gym. If you're not sure cardio kickboxing is for you, Steve offers everyone 1-2 free workouts to understand the routine.

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