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    • We will improve your self-discipline, your self-esteem, and your self-confidence.
    • We will give you the ability to protect yourself.
    • We will train you to be a leader.
    • We will provide you with an exercise routine and strengthen your core.
    •  What can Ashcraft’s do for you?



Learn confidence, discipline, and self-control utilizing the Chung Do Kwan style of TaeKwonDo. Classes for adults, families and children!


Increase stamina, improve coordination and flexibility, burn calories, and build lean muscle. Served with a side of self-defense.


Complete Mixed Martial Arts training program led by Steve Ashcraft,  former world ranked professional kick boxer.



  • Instill confidence, discipline, and self-control utilizing the Chung Do Kwan style of TaeKwonDo.
  • Classes are available for adults, families and children, all belt levels. 
  • Led by Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame Chief Instructor, Steve Ashcraft.
  • Includes hands-on self-defense training along with traditional TaeKwonDo techniques.
  • FREE uniform and belt with sign up. 
  • Private Lessons available upon request

Cardio Kickboxing

  • Our cardio kickboxing class combines traditional martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio for a killer workout. 
  • Led by Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame Chief Instructor, Steve Ashcraft.
  • Traditional kickboxing, K-1 style, and Mixed Martial Arts competition styles.
  • FREE gloves and hand wraps with sign up. 
  • Private Lessons available upon request


  • Ashcraft’s Mixed Martial Arts program goes beyond simple aerobic fitness.
  • Our trained instructors have the skills and experience to teach you true kick boxing skills along with ground fighting.
  • Our unique program includes Boxing, Kickboxing, Submission Wrestling, Judo, and Jiu-Jitsu.
  • FREE gloves and hand wraps with sign up. 
  • Private Lessons available upon request


  • Lil Dragons is a nationally recognized curriculum developed by Child Psychologist and Martial Artist Kimber Hill. 

  • Specially designed to capture and hold the interest of kids ages 4-6.
  • Focuses on balance and coordination along with basic martial arts skills. 

  • Students also learn important safety skills like Stranger Awareness, Personal Safety, Fire Danger, and Traffic Safety.

  • Private Lessons available upon request


  • Learn how to protect yourself in common threatening situations. 

  • Understand the psychology of an attacker. 
  • Great for those who work in unsecure locations, young people heading to college, and even birthday parties.

  • These events are scheduled based on dojo and customer availability.


"I go for the exercise and my son gets to learn some valuable life lessons. "

I learned Tae Kwon Do from Steve Ashcraft when I was in high school 30 years ago and achieved my Black Belt. When my son expressed interest in taking karate, I knew right where to go. Steve is still teaching quality lessons in self-defense and self-discipline to martial artists of all ages. I go for the exercise and my son gets to learn some valuable life lessons that will hopefully serve him as well as they served me. ~Scott B. 

"Mind, body and soul strengthening!"

GOD, my faith, my trainer Steve Ashcraft, this gym, my friends that became Family are what saved my kids and me. We were transformed from victims into Warriors! The self defense skills we learned here literally saved me and my kids! Steve’s faith, wisdom, and training skills helped us unite and be fearless. He empowers everyone that is blessed to meet him! Strong faith, strong mind, strong heart, strong soul, strong body. Internal strength. External strength. Strengthen your body as a whole; as you feel your body getting stronger… you feel your inner fears weakening, losing power, fading away! Thank you Steve for all you have done and continue to do for us and countless die hard ASHCRAFT alumni’s! ~ Louanna S.

"I have lost over 30 lbs and I have never felt better!"

I have been going to Steve for Cardio Kickboxing since June 2021. I have lost over 30 lbs and I have never felt better! The workouts are fantastic, and the other participants help to encourage you along the way. Steve’s knowledge is endless. He is always ready to step in and help. My body is more flexible and I am getting stronger and slimmer every day! I still have a long way to go, however, it is so much fun the journey is worth the effort.
If you are interested in joining our class I encourage you to do so. Everyone here is so nice. I’ve made great friends here and I look forward to seeing everyone and encourage others along their journey. ~ Zulema B

"I highly recommend Steve as an instructor."

My 7 year old son has been taking lessons here for 1 year. It built his self confidence, gave him exercise and taught him about how to handle himself. I highly recommend Steve as an instructor. He is awesome with all ages! ~John E

"Our family of 4 is stronger and healthier than ever."

This is a follow up from our last review 4 years ago regarding Ashcrafts Martial Arts. Still going strong and our next goal is to obtain our Second Degree Black Belt. Our family of 4 is stronger and healthier than ever. Steve Ashcraft is a great instructor and very knowledgeable in what is being taught regardless of age,gender or disabilities. We ourselves had medical issues that we have overcome thanks to Steve’s patience and willingness to help. Even though it is a 45 min trip to get there and 45 minutes to come back home,We are glad that we chose Ashcraft as our instructor. Come on by or call for a free lesson and join our Taekwon Do family. ~Mona H

"My son has become confident and independent"

My son has been coming here 3 weeks now and I see a big difference in him. He has become confident and independent. The instructor is amazing and takes his time to make sure all students understand before moving forward. ~ J Rojas

"My favorite part is learning self-defense moves ."

Me and my sister enrolled in Taekwondo classes at Ashcrafts Martial Arts Center and we love it. The classes help us get out of our heads and take a break from the stresses of school. My favorite part is learning self-defense moves that I can practice with my sister at home. ~Lina L.

"No one has helped me like Steve."

Steve has dedicated his life to helping people meet their goals in the martial arts and helping others get into the best shape of their life through dieting, exercise and cardio kickboxing. I had been to other gyms and no one has helped me like Steve has, he has given me confidence, strength and a home at his gym. I highly recommend coming to train at Ashcraft’s Martial Arts to people of all ages. ~ Alyssa J.

"I highly recommend Ashcraft's Martial Arts."

My grandson is a student of TaeKwanDo at Ashcraft’s MartialArts. Steve, as taekwando instructor, coach and mentor, commands respect, gives praise where praise is due and hands out discipline, when needed, to encourage his students to become more confident, skilled and respectful. Steve is a Master of martial arts and a true teacher who is passionate about his craft and his students. His classes always contain what I call a life lesson. Sometimes it is done with humor and sometimes it is done with a focus on serious subjects, such as teaching kids how to deal with bullying or their behavior in school, towards their peers and in their world. He instills a sensible respect for parents, teachers and others. AND on top of all of that, the kids get wonderful physical activity, learn techniques for self safety and routines for belt exams. Tae Kwan Do is a real confidence booster and working towards that next belt always gives them a new goal. I highly recommend Ashcraft’s Martial Arts. ~ Charlotte H.



ONLY 99.95!



Steve Ashcraft, 2010 Man of the Year for The Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame, is a 9th Degree Grand Master Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. Holding the record for the fastest knockout in kickboxing history, Ashcraft knocked his opponent out in 7 seconds of the first round with his notorious turn kick. He is a former Texas Welterweight Champion in kickboxing, Texas Middleweight champion in kickboxing, Southwest welterweight Champion in kickboxing, and the Southern United States Champion of kickboxing. After winning the Southwest United States Welterweight Title, he started donating all his prize money for fighting to the San Antonio Battered Women’s Shelter, helping the women and children out in his community. 

Steve has appeared on the NBC show Sports Spectacular where he fought for Chuck Norris on the Dallas Gladiators team, a part of the Karate International Council of Kickboxing. He also appeared on Wide World of Sports, which aired on ABC, where he tied for first place twice in a kata competition at the U.S. Karate Championships. He is in the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame, along with his school, Ashcraft’s Cardio Kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do Studio. 

What form of TaeKwonDo do you practice?

We practice Chung Do Kwan, started in 1944 as the Blue Wave School by Won Kuk Lee, a South Korean martial artist who instilled a profound influence in this martial art through teaching future masters and authoring the book “Tae Kwon Do handbook“ in 1968. (Source)

It is most known for a strict focus on mastery of the basics, powerful and precise techniques, combined with manners and etiquette.

Terms and Definitions

TaeKwonDo: “Strength, power, discipline” // The art of hand and foot fighting. 

Chung Do Kwan: “Blue Wave School”

Kata: “Form” // A detailed choreography of movements designed to perfect fighting rhythms and further the development of a clear and focused mind. Brings together a students knowledge and mastery of direction, stance, attack, defense, power and speed.⠀⠀

Charyut: (Sounds like Chari-yut) // “Attention”

Kyung Nae: “Bow”

Do-Jang: “Gym”

Sabom: “Instructor”


  • Saturday:  9AM–12PM
  • Sunday: Closed
  • Monday: 8AM–8PM
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